Client's Charter

1 Installation of meter to be done within one (1) week from payment of deposit.
2 All enquiries on bills be settled within one (1) day.
3 Disconnected water meters to be reconnected in not more than three (3) days after payment of reconnection fee and settlement of arrears.
4 Deposits to be refunded to the consumer within one (1) month (by cheque) after notice to terminate service.
5 Notice of scheduled interruption of water supply to be issued at least three (3) days before it is done through mass media for big areas and individually by staff of Kuching Water Board for small areas.
6 Water tanker to be sent to consumers within two (2) hours after request received from consumers of unscheduled water supply interruption occurs.
7 Action to be taken in not more than one (1) day to repair pipe burst or leakage after complaint received.
8 Feedback on application for approval of water reticulation and internal piping service system in not more than three (3) weeks after receipt of application.