Friends of KWB

This initiative was drawn up in the Year 2001 with the aim of prompt identification involving public participation in the reduction of unnecessary water wastages through pipe leakages and illegal tappings of the water supply system to encourage conservation of water supply.
How you can assist:
Anyone can assist the Kuching Water Board in conserving water by reporting or calling the Board through telephone number 222 333 or 222 222 or fax number 222 259.
Participants in this conservation exercise by reporting to KWB on pipe leakages or illegal tapping of piped water would be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation, a RM60.00 credited into his water bill, given a souvenir and invited to the KWB Annual Gathering. This award will be given to the ten (10) persons making the most number of genuine reports to KWB within the year.
It is hoped that with your participation and cooperation, KWB would be able to reduce the volume of water wasted through pipe leakages, tampering of fire hydrants and illegal tapping's.