Other Ways of Saving Water

Check For Leak
Check your taps, pipes and toilet cisterns for leaks
Turn off all taps and fittings and if the water meter is still running, there might be a leak.
Check for dampness of ground over buried pipes.
Read your meter regularly to monitor your water consumption.
Stop Drips
Turn off taps tightly.
Replace your tap washer.
Use Corrosion-Resistant Materials
Replace unlined galvanised iron pipes with copper, stainless steel or HDPE pipes.
Replace galvanised mild steel water tanks with stainless steel, concrete polyester or PE tanks.
Other Water Conservation Tips:
Place a plastic bottle filled with water in your toilet tank or lower the float. This reduces the amount of water used with each flush.
Replace your shower head with a low flow model.
Don't run water continuosly while showering.
Chill drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap.
Should you notice any leaks on the road, turf or open areas, please report to our 24-hour
Water Service Operation Centre
at telephone number 082-222 333 or SMS 019 - 88 666 50
at telephone number 082-555999