New Service Application

Procedure for Application of Water Supply 15mm-40mm diameter Water Meter
1. Collect New Service Application Form (LAK/NS/R008).
2. Appoint a licensed pipe fitter to apply on your behalf.
3. Go to Consumer Service Counter 7 (Ground Floor, Main Office Block, Jalan Batu Lintang) with completed New Service Application Form together with the following documents: -
(i) Land Title or Penghulu or Ketua Kampung letter stating the residential status of the applicant in the Kampung reserve or Sales and Purchase Agreement
(ii) Site plan or locality plan
(iii) Photocopy of your identify card
4. Applicant must contact licensed pipe fitter within 3 days after submission of application forms to check status of the application.
5. The applicant shall make enquiries through phone number 082-222 283 on status of bills for "Application for Water Meters" within 14 days.
6. Bills are usually collected by licensed pipe fitter or by Applicant at Consumer Service Counter 7 at KWB Head Office.
7. The applicant shall make payments for the following bills at KWB SBBS Counter only: -
(i) Deposit/Collateral
(ii) Installation Charges
(iii) Inspection Fee
   Click here for details charges of 15mm meter new application
   Click here for details charges of 25mm meter new application
   Click here for details charges of 40mm meter new application
8. Present receipts at consumer service counter 7 and sign Agreement Form for supply of water.
9. Your water supply will be connected within 7 days from the date of signing and receipt of your agreement.
10. Your monthly water bill will commence delivery within 8 weeks or 2 months.