Meters are supply on hire, fix and maintain by Kuching Water Board
1. Who owns the meter?
  Meters are supplied on hire, fixed and maintained by Kuching Water Board for measuring the amount of water consumed including water wasted or lost through leakage (not consumed)
2. Does the consumer have to pay any charges for the meter because the meter belongs to Kuching Water Board?
  A meter rent is charged to the consumer in the monthly water bill based on the size of the meter. The meter remains the property of Kuching Water Board. The consumer, however, is solely responsible for the safe custody of the water meter whilst it is fixed on the pipes supplying water to his premises.
Meter Sizes Per month or part of a Month
15 mm RM0.55
20 mm RM1.65
25 mm RM2.20
3. Do you experience any inaccuracy or discrepancy of meter reading?
  A meter shall be deemed to register correctly when any inaccuracy or discrepancy between its reading and water actually supplied does not exceed 3%. Any consumer who desires to ascertain or confirm the accuracy of the meter which measures his water supply may, upon payment of a deposit, have his meter tested. The consumer or any person appointed by him may witness the test. The result of the test shall be binding on both parties.

Usually, the deposit required is to cover the cost of overheads for testing and to prevent frivolous request. Kents meters used by Kuching Water Board have accuracy better than 3%.

If for any reasons the meter failed to register correctly, the basis of water charges shall be calculated as follows:

(a) On the basis of the average consumption for such or similar premises for the last three completed periods of billing during which in the opinion of the water supply authority, there was no registration.
(b) on the basis of an addition to or subtraction from the amount chargeable for a particular period of billing corresponding to the percentage by which such meter was determined by the water supply authority to be registering too little or too much as the case may be; or
(c) On the basis of the estimated consumption calculated from the readings taken from a new meter installed premises; or
(d) On the basis of such other equitable methods for the calculation of the estimated consumption as the water supply authority deems fit.
4. Kuching Water Board may its discretion change a meter anytime but normally it is done for the following reasons:
(a) To repair and service the meter
(b) To replace meters which are not registering
(c) Under the Kuching Water Board meter renewal programme for aged meters.