FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

1. After completion by main layers, etc., what am I supposed to do?
You have to request for pressure testing. Pressure Testing Request Form (LAK/NM/R005) can be obtained from the New Main Section. All pressure testing must be witnessed by authorized KWB staff.

Next Step
Upon the successful completion of system pressure testing, the system is ready for connection to be Board's distribution system. to get the "Connection Form" (LAK/NM/R007). Connections can be performed by the main layer (supervised by KWB staff) or by the Board's New Mains Section. Flushing and sampling will be done by KWB staff.

Final Step
To get the Final Inspection Form (LAK/NM/R016). The final inspection can only be made after the flushing bill and the connection bill have been paid.

Please get the "Handing Over Certificate" Form (LAK/NM/R013) from New Mains Section.
2. How much do I have to pay for Capital Contribution?
Normally RM500 per unit. For major buildings/bulk meter, please refer to New Service Section.
3. What am I supposed to do after approval?
The consultant is required to apply for way leave approval from relevant authorities, pay the Capital Contribution bill and inform the Board of payment made. Before commencement of works, the developer will be required to engage a Sarawak Water Authority registered main layer to carry out the installation works. Materials must be inspected prior to commencement of pipe laying works. (KWB.166 is the material inspection request form.) .
4. Can I have some discussion with you before I submit the drawings?
Of course! In fact you are encouraged to discuss to facilitate approval process.
5. How long does it takes for processing a plan?
Not too long. Processing and returning will take only two (2) weeks with amendments and three (3) weeks for approval if all condition is met.
6. What are the requirements that I have to comply?
The Board's requirements are as per checklist (LAK/NM/R001)
7. How many sets of drawings does the consultant needs to submit?
Just two (2) sets.
8. How do I apply for main extension?
Please nominate a civil consultant to assist you submit your design. Most local consultants are familiar with the Board's requirements.
9. How to engage plumber?
To help you to get in touch with us, you are asked to Engage a licensed plumber assistance from the Sarawak Water Authority's licensed plumber/pipefitter.
10. What documents need to be submitted for new water supply application?
Document to be submitted in support "Application for Drinking Water" is:-
(i) Land Ownership or Sales & Purchase Agreement
(ii) Location Plan
(iii) Photocopy of Identity Card of Applicants