1 To produce at all times and as economically as possible quality potable water in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of Kuching City and its surrounding areas.
2 To ensure that there is continuous water supply at adequate pressure reaching consumers' premises with similar quality to that leaving the treatment works at minimum amount of loss.
3 To ensure that increasing water demands are always safely met through timely expansion of the waterworks.
4 To collaborate with Sarawak Water Resource Council on the adequate protection and conservation of raw water resources.
5 To sell water at the lowest feasible price consistent with the need to generate sufficient revenue to cover recurrent costs and sustain development.
6 To regulate and control water use in the best interest of the public and in accordance with the Water Supply Ordinance & Regulations.
7 To continuously train, develop and upgrade its human resources to achieve higher quality and productivity in an ever-changing environment.
8 To always provide efficient, effective, speedy, courteous and caring service to its consumers and clients.