Kuching Water Board was established on the 1st January 1959, by authority of the Kuching Water Board Order 1959, Notification No. S.12 of 1959, made under Section 2 and 3 of the Water Supply Ordinance to take over the Kuching Water Supply from the Public Works Department Sarawak. On 1st June 1995, the existing Water Supply Ordinance (Sarawak Cap. 141) was repealed and replaced by the Water Ordinance 1994. On 1st January 2001, the Board was re-established under the Kuching Water Board, 2001.
The Board is responsible for the administration, management and supervision of all waterworks within its area of supply and the policy of the Board is to extend mains and to develop other facilities to provide adequate and reliable supply of fully treated quality water within its area of supply. The water supply system conforms in all respects to modern requirements and the development is drawn up to meet the projected growth in demand.
Since the Board's inception in 1959, it has operated as an independent state owned organization. It has its own offices, treatment plants & other water supply works, workshops, stores, and transport facilities.